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What a load of shite. Fukit. Long way to go. #mcfc
Happy birthday nanny. I love you xxx
Sheps a propa City fan. Loves watchin everyday.
Hemmerdale views
Came ere for a pint dint ah.
Bog on the tyne with uncle P
The seasons back. Away days are back.
The B team went and got splatterd, ah well.
Half way to wembley, i found myself sat on a digger in the rain, shuda stayed there
Bag of fings to pick up this morn. Community sheild and newcastle away tickets. Oh the seasons backkkkkkk
Few new creps today
3 mix grills, 2 spicy lamb fatayers, one cheese fatayer, 2 chicken shawarmas, 4 arabic salads, we went in, JAFFA did it niceeeee.
Grandma wod da rollers in scrannin. (She will flip if she knew i tuk this haha)